This Toyota GT 86 has a Ferrari / Maserati V8 and a six-speed manual

A few years ago, the famous driver Ryan Tuerck shocked the car community when he built a Toyota GT 86 fitted with Ferrari 458 Italy’s 4.5-liter naturally-aspiring V8. Tuerck’s wildlife is no longer the only one of its kind.

An Instagrammer named Twitch_Masterflex who runs a fabrication store called Sideways Fab & Customs recently created his own Ferrari-powered 86. Like Tuerck’s car, it seems to have been designed to flow, and the engine has been complemented by a raft of alternating styling changes.

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The engine of this GT 86 is Ferrari and Masrati’s F136. The engine was first launched in 2001 and has been used over and over again over the years in the month and Ferrari models, ranging from the 385 hp month coupe and spider to the Ferrari 458 Special. While it may seem like the F136 was taken from Ferrari California, it is actually a one-month version of the engine, but it has been manipulated in California. It is not clear exactly how much energy it is pumping.

It is safe to assume that this engine was taken from a ruined month. Instead of attaching it to the car’s original transmission, Sideways Fab and Customs have combined it with a Tremec T56 six-speed manual transmission that drives the rear wheels.

Interestingly, the engine of this Toyota 86 sounds quite different from what you expected. Probably due to its unique reception and exhaust system, the F136 doesn’t really sound like a Maserati or Ferrari V8 and it does sound like an American V8 with a lot of tone and thumping sound.

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