This unique Porsche Carrera GT has been replicated by previous owners

Ferrari and Porsche may be rivals, but these Carrera GTs have a paint job just outside the Maranello catalog.

This leaves the Carrera GT factory painted in a simple shade of black. However, when its owner Rosso Fuoco took delivery of the finished Ferrari LaFerrari, they decided to return the exterior of the Porsche and finish it in the same shade of red.

The Dupont Registry The list of vehicles states that the race was made by Carousel, Concours-winning vehicle specialist, and the cost is six figures. In addition to giving the Carrera GT a new shade of paint, the Karosseries have replaced all the bolts, gaskets and any other items that were not in the factory’s new condition.

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Painting an iconic car like the Carrera GT in one color from Ferrari may sound like a weird choice. However, we think that the finish of the result looks absolutely spectacular and perfectly complements the sexy design of Porsche. It definitely rates a black finish and gives the car a unique appeal. Will the new paint lead to an increase in the resale price of the car? It’s hard to say.

Although extensive work has been done on the exterior of the car, the interior remains in its stock specifications, with bucket seats, steering wheels, door panels, and dashboards adorned with black leather. There are also various exposed aluminum accents and a carbon fiber shift knob.

Interestingly, the list does not say how many miles the car is under the belt but judging by the impeccable condition of the interior, we suspect that it has not been driven as much and has been clearly maintained and cared for since that moment. It rolled off the production line.

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