Toyota dealers are imposing huge markup on the 2023 bZ4X, one priced at $ 77,278!

We have already highlighted the greedy dealer markup practices We’ve also talked about how bad they look at the original automaker and how some CEOs have condemned the practice, but a Toyota dealer in Maryland has identified a bZ4X over $ 25,000. And they are not the only ones trying to milk the customers for arbitrary gain.

The bZ4X is not necessarily the most coveted new electric car. It’s not the cheapest, it doesn’t have the best range and it may not charge when it gets really cold outside. Nonetheless, customers across the country who want a new car are struggling to find a dealer with the full lot. The result is markups that seem to be unchecked.

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Toyota screenshot of Portland

A while ago we found another Toyota dealer asking for $ 10,000 to stand in line for a new GR Corolla. Then a Toyota spokesman told us the following:

“Toyota has established a manufacturer’s proposed retail price (MSRP) which, it seems, is a manufacturer’s proposed retail price. Since our dealers own independent businesses, the value of the final transaction will be the result of interaction between the customer and the dealer. Our sales team consulted with our regional office to ask them to be aware of the transaction price and to consult with dealers if necessary. ”

If this sounds like a weak answer to you, you are not alone, and it is this kind of half-hearted attempt to sound customer-centric that encourages some dealers to do what Koons Toyota Westminster does when they list bZ4X for $ 77,278. Note that the MSRP for a bZ4X Limited without any additional options is $ 47,625 for FWD and $ 48,780 for AWD. We understand that MSRP means “manufacturer’s proposed retail price”, but that’s just ridiculous.

Another dealer in Portland is publicly charging an additional 9,999 on top of each bZ4X. While this is definitely more interesting than a markup worth about $ 30,000, let’s consider exactly what we’re talking about here.

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The bZ4X is not exactly groundbreaking for anyone other than Toyota. We cannot imagine that anyone with common sense would be willing to pay for these mark-up vehicles when competitors offer these dealers better sounding vehicles for the asking price or for a lower price.

If you hate markups as much as we do it is important that you avoid paying on MSRP whenever possible. Multiple dealers are waiting for your business and especially in such cases where the car in question will probably not fly off the shelf, do not be afraid to go elsewhere for the car you want.

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