Toyota will produce more than 10.4 million cars on track this year

Toyota is in a position to become the world’s largest automaker for the third year in a row with a much stronger start in 2022 than the Volkswagen Group.

In the first four months of the year, Toyota sold a total of 3,429,636 cars, including Daihatsu and Hino brand cars. Although these figures represent a 5.8 percent decline from the first four months of 2021, Toyota still surpasses the VW Group, having sold more than 1 million cars this year compared to its German rival.

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A total of 1,275,570 cars were manufactured by Toyota in Japan and the remaining 2,199,136 were manufactured in overseas markets. This year, foreign production has increased by 4.8 percent but domestic production has decreased by 12.4 percent. Total production to date is 2.3 percent lower than the previous year but sits at an impressive 3,474,706.

Sales of Toyota models in Japan also fell 16.3 percent this year. Overseas sales have been good but still 2.7 percent lower. At current rates, Toyota is on track to produce more than 10.4 million cars this year.

Toyota’s sales and production figures came in April after the Kovid-19 spread to Japan and other countries, with capacity cuts at some of its factories in April. President Akio Toyoda also acknowledged that the company was re-examining manufacturing facilities to avoid “fatigue”. Auto News Report

One of the main reasons Volkswagen Group did not perform as well as Toyota this year was its large presence in Western Europe, an area facing supply chain problems due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

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