Toyota’s Modellista and Seiko get together for a watch collaboration

Toyota’s Modellista division is best known for its eye-catching body kits but has partnered with Seiko to launch a new timepiece.

The watch, made by the two companies, is equipped with a Japanese solar quartz movement and sports a 39.5 mm case of stainless steel. There are three different faces that customers can choose from, each with a bright hand, a bright marker and a perpetual calendar.

An interesting design aspect is the unique-shaped second and minute hand that mimics one of the side skirts created by Modelista.

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As far as car manufacturer-related timepieces go, they are relatively affordable compared to Modelista and Seco. Two of the three available models start at 49,500 yen ($ 388) and the most expensive of the three is available at 55,000 yen ($ 432).

The most recent timepiece we saw from a famous watch maker and a car company was Jacob & Co Jean Bugatti, which was unveiled in late March. The watch is inspired by designer and engineer Jean Bugatti and is available with a rose gold case and a white gold case with a cream-white dial or blue dial. Only 57 examples of clocks are being made.

However, that watch is not the most expensive made by Jacob & Co and Bugatti. In February, the Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal was announced and started at 1.5 million. This timepiece contains 578 hand-crafted and hand-assembled components that create complex processes. The watch also has a fully-functional replica of the Chiron’s 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W16 where the pistons move and the turbocharger rotates.

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