Try not to cry by roasting the clutch 911 GT3 driver clutch on this hapless Porsche

The Porsche 911 GT3 is one of the most popular cars among enthusiasts and is fitted with a truly iconic engine. These factors make this video particularly painful to watch

The clip was recently shared on TikTok and showed the helpless driver of the 992-generation 911 GT3 trying to drive around a parking lot. Unknown to the driver, however, is the fact that they are running the clutch almost all the time, inevitably damaging the sports car which will not be cheap to repair.

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Initially, the driver can be heard running the clutch and pinning the throttle at the same time. It seems to have inadvertently enabled the launch control system. The driver is then seen pulling in and out of the parking spot, driving the clutch the whole time, seemingly having no idea how to drive with a stick shift. If you start shedding tears at this time, we will not blame you.

The particularly bizarre thing about the clip is that several men were seen standing near the GT3 and probably knew the driver. None of them show any concern for what is happening. At one point, a man approaches the car and moves into the passenger seat while the owner drives the clutch and brings the 4.0-liter flat-six to its redline. He doesn’t even show an ounce of anxiety and instead, seems to be quite fascinated with the soundtrack.

Porsche sells the 911 GT3 with both a six-speed manual and a PDK dual-clutch. If any Porsche representative sees this video, hopefully they will let the owner know that PDK would be the best choice.

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