U-Haul apparently giving birth to an SUV is going to be a very bad idea for its driver

We all want to get a good deal and a dollar is not going as much as it was about a year ago but trying to get a car inside half of a U-Haul is probably not the best solution. Surprisingly, the person who came up with the idea and then tried to implement it made a worse decision that day. The whole situation ended with the driver, SUV and U-hole all being in police custody.

As everyone knows, U-Haul rents cars and even offers cheap car dolly. With that in mind, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the reasoning behind this 10 ′ box truck was to look and move like Isuzu Rodeo.

Perhaps it was an attempt to make the most of this rent. Maybe it’s just a wild idea that came at the end of a string of bad choices. All we know is that the driver was given a ticket for failing to secure the load with a safety chain. The grand total was only $ 139.

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Of course, the problem didn’t stop there because the driver’s license was suspended and both U-Haul and Rodeo were confiscated. Oh, and according to the Tri-City Herald, the U-Hall box truck itself was long overdue. They also found that, apparently, the car had been driving around the area for at least a day or two before police pulled it out.

So let’s break this down. The man rented a U-Haul, kept it well before the return date, then unsafely loaded a car into it and drove around town until he was pulled. Despite how wild it sounds, many commenters on Twitter have debated the technical validity of the Howling method.

Based on the ticket issued for the safety chain, it is almost heard that it would have been legalized by the letter of law. We contacted the trooper who initially posted the car on Twitter and will update this post when we hear back.

Image Credit: Trooper John Bryant

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