U Spy Honda is testing the new 2023 CR-V on public roads near the US factory

One of our readers has been kind enough to share pictures of a new 2023 Honda CR-V test on a public road in Springfield, Ohio, about 30 miles from Marysville, where Honda manages a manufacturing and R&D facility.

Entering the sixth generation of the popular CR-V series, the new model will mark a meaningful aesthetic exit from the current model with square proportions, a more steep front and a new grille design, all of which appear to draw more mature. Picture, much like the new Civic.

These photos reveal a bit more of the rear bumper and how the counterfeit outlet will integrate into it than the previous spy photos. We also see that the taillights show their more design and how they fit the tailgate. Meanwhile, leaked images from China suggest that they should extend upwards, to bracket the rear window, somewhat like the taillights of a Volvo XC60.

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A picture of the new CR-V from China

Elsewhere, the new CR-V should benefit from a number of technological improvements, including a new digital instrument cluster and infotainment screens. An extra focus on premium materials and minimal design can also define the interior and make it more suitable for more passengers and luggage.

Underneath the hood, we’ll see some familiar, updated, powertrain options that may include a turbocharged 1.5-liter engine and an E: HIV hybrid combining two electric motors with a 2.0-liter engine. The latter is expected to be the only offer in Europe while North America is expected to receive both.

The new CR-V is expected to debut in the next few months and will be sold worldwide in the third and fourth quarters of the year. Unlike the new HR-V, we expect the design differences in the international market to be minimal.

Photo Credit: Corey House

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