Uber users can now request a ride on a Tesla or Polyester EV

Uber has announced a plethora of new products and services for 2022, including a new service where users can request an electric car ride.

Uber Comfort Electric has been launched in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Dubai and will soon expand to more cities. The technology company said the service includes Tesla and Polyester vehicles, but did not say whether other carmakers’ EVs would be included on the platform.

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The launch of the service is part of Uber’s commitment to become a zero-emissions mobility platform by 2040. It comes just months after Hertz joined to launch 50,000 Tesla by 2023. Uber drivers can hire Tesla for কাজ 334 per week, although the price is expected to drop to $ 299 as the program becomes more popular.

Uber has also created a new EV hub in the Uber Driver app that will help encourage drivers to switch to electric vehicles, provide information and incentives about EVs, and compare the cost of owning an EV to owning a combustible vehicle. A charging map will also be added to the driver app to show users the location of nearby charging stations and what charging speeds are available at these locations.

Uber has announced several new programs. One is Uber Travel, which allows users to save rides for each step of their journey by simply connecting their Gmail account to the app. Uber Travel has already launched in the United States and will land in Canada in the coming weeks. It will also expand to the UK this summer where users will be able to book train, coach and car fares through the app.

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