Uling EV previewed in Indonesia with small wheels and a face inspired by VR

Wuling is known for producing Mini EVs, which are quite popular in China, and the automaker has unveiled a new car of the same size in Indonesia. Uling Ivy debuted in production form in Jakarta, featuring a small footprint, electric powertrain and future styling signals.

Although we know nothing about the specifications of the car, we suspect that the model is based on the chassis of a mini EV or a smaller Nano EV. The model can borrow electric motors and batteries from the aforementioned Chinese-made models, although the Wuling EV will be made in Indonesia.

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There is no similarity between the Willings mini-car in terms of body panel. The Wuling EV adopts a single-box silhouette with a small bonnet and a large aerodynamic windshield. The signature element is the high-mounted LED strip that extends to the profile as the base of the mirror, with the regular headlights on the front bumper facing down. According to the designers, this setup was inspired by VR glasses which will become an important part of our future due to Metavers.

The profile is marked by small wheels that make the EV look like a supermarket cart. Another feature is the rear window which is significantly longer than the front window. Finally, the split lighting unit has a similar behavior to the front of the vertical rear edge.

Wuling EV will be on display at the “Electrify Your World” event in Jakarta from 1 to 5 June. The model will soon be offered for sale in Indonesia, and it has been announced as the official car for the G20 Bali Summit this November. It’s not clear if Wuling will export it to another market, but we’re guessing we’re going to find out soon.

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