Volkswagen, Hyundai, or Telsa? These are some of the most commonly misspelled cars

Ever wonder which car brand is most misspelled? A month-long survey conducted by financial services website has compiled the most commonly misspelled marks and the results are what you would expect.

The top three automakers with 2,249,400 misspellings per month were Hyundai, 1,156,700 Volkswagen and 1,011,000 Porsche. Broad in the top 10, with Toyota 824,600 and Peugeot 710,100, Tesla 539,600, Mercedes-Benz 489,500, Bentley 341,900, Suzuki 317,900,500 and Butti.

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Many of the names on the list seem to be misspelled based on the phonetic accents of brands such as “Porsche” (Porsche), “Mercedes” (Mercedes), and “Lexus” (Lexus). Others, such as “Dord” (Ford), “Volvi” (Volvo), and “Totota” (Totota) seem to accidentally hit the adjacent letters on the keyboard. There is also another subset that has some character switches, such as “Chevrolet” (Chevrolet), “Telsa” (Tesla), and “BWM” (BMW).

In another case, some characters were mistakenly added or omitted, such as “Honda”, “Audi” (Audi), and “Zip” (Zip). However, for all the honest mistakes on this list, there are still some, such as Wolksvagen (Volkswagen) and “Landriver” (Land Rover) that bother us. With all honesty, though, we’re surprised that Alfa Romeo didn’t make the list, especially since we’ve seen it spelled “Alpha Romero”.

What are some common misspellings of car brands you come across? Let us know in the comments.

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