VW dealers want answers about the brand’s scout plans

Dealership groups across the United States are demanding answers from VW and how it intends to sell vehicles under the revived Scout brand.

Earlier this month, VW Group chief executive Herbert Dice confirmed that the iconic scout name would return as a separate, independent brand within the group. There was no mention of how VW wanted to sell and distribute these scout models across the United States, immediately raising concerns among dealerships that the automaker might push for a direct-selling model.

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Mike Stantos, chief executive of the National Automobile Dealers Association, recently sent a letter to VW Group of America chief executive, Scott Kieg, urging the automaker to announce its distribution plans for the Scout brand.

“We are closely following Volkswagen’s recent announcement that the Scout brand will return to the US market in the coming years,” the letter said. “While this is an early day, we encourage you to quickly and explicitly communicate your scout delivery plan to your dealers who have made significant investments to support VW’s business model and electrification transformation.”

Talking to Auto NewsSeveral independent VW dealers, association executives and the State Dealers Association have stated that they are looking for answers to Kyog.

A letter from Robert Glasser, president of the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association, states that “there is a clear expectation that existing VW dealers will be given the first opportunity to be listed as scout dealers.”

“Despite repeated assurances from Volkswagen over the years that its dealers are ‘partners’ in promoting and promoting VW products, this announcement has caused immediate frustration and concern among all VW dealers,” Glaser added.

Despite the letters, the American VW group is silent on the matter and is talking Auto NewsSimply stated that it will share more news about the Scout brand “as it becomes available.”

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