VW Light and Dark Obi One Kenobi-themed ID. Lightning Special Celebrates New Star

Volkswagen has created a pair of OB-One Kenobi-inspired IDs. Buzz EVs will celebrate the release of Disney’s latest Star Wars TV show.

ID. The Buzz Light Side Edition and the Dark Side Edition were unveiled in Anaheim, California at the premiere of the OB-One Kenobi series airing on Disney + on May 26th. They are a collaboration between Volkswagen and the people behind the Lucasfilm, Star Wars franchise. , Goody-to-Shoes draws the Light Side with inspiration from OB-One, and the Dark Side takes its lead from Darth Vader.

Based on the passenger version of the Light Side ID. Buzz and features a pretty awesome beige lower body treat that is thought to be inspired by the OB-One tunic, but it looks like EV is wearing his mother’s spanx. Fortunately, most of your eyes are drawn to the blue line running from the headlights to the tail, the blue glass and the blue underbody light, all designed to connect with the JD’s blue light.

Other Star Wars-themed details of this Millennium Falcon from the EVs include the Rebel Alliance logo on the side window and custom 21-inch wheel center caps, as well as the name of the model chosen in the Star Wars Arevas font on the back. But they are not enough to stop us from being drawn into darkness.

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Looks like BA’s A-Team van’s monstrous electrical update, the Dark Side Edition is based on Buzz ID. The Buzz Cargo is a commercial vehicle, and it is infinitely cooler than its better competitors. Like the light side, the dark side has different treatments on the upper and lower body, but in this case they are glossy black on the bottom and equally bad matte black on the top. The red windows, lights and body stripes, and this time a set of empire logos, provide a completely sinister contrast.

Unfortunately Star Wars fans are thinking of investing in an ID. Buzz This pairing will only be left as such, so don’t expect to find light and dark side trim options in VW Config soon. But we think one or two enterprising owners might be inspired to create their own. Which one would you choose?

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