VW Starts ID. Buzz production, will have a capacity of 130,000 units per

Hannover, Volkswagen’s third electric vehicle plant in Germany, has begun production of IDT. Lightning electric van last week. The passenger van joins the ID. Buzz Cargo, the commercial version of the EV, which was already being produced at the plant.

“All-electric ID serial production started. Buzz is an important milestone in the electrification of our fleet and manufacturing operations at the Hanover site, “said Kirsten Intra, Chairman, VW Commercial Vehicle Management Board. “The car is a key pillar in the full use of our factory and thus secures the future of the site.”

Volkswagen’s Hanover plant was under construction for two years to prepare for the conversion to electric vehicles. Nevertheless, production of the T6.1 never stopped, and it continues to this day.

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“We are now making three‘ bullies ’ [Multivan] Here at our plant is a product line with three different drive system concepts, ”said Joseph Baumart, Head of Production and Logistics at VWCV. “This means that complexity creates huge demand for our workforce.”

Volkswagen expects commercial vehicles to make 15,000 IDs. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargos at the plant this year. Once production is fully increased, however, it will have the capacity to produce about 130,000 electric vehicles per year.

“Full production of ID has started. Lightning has launched a new icon at Hanover’s VWCV, “said Stavros Christidis, chairman of the VWCV Works Council. “Future Bullies’ are securing jobs at our brand headquarters in Hanover.”

ID distribution. The buzz is expected to begin in the fall, with passenger car prices in Germany starting at € 64,581 (current exchange rate $ 69,084 USD). Using an 82 kWh battery and powered by a motor that produces 201 hp (204 PS / 150 kW) and 229 lb-ft (310 Nm) of torque, the base model is ideal for a range of 424 km (261 miles).

The van will also be available in the United States, with the local version expected to debut next year. The report said VW Atlas could build the car in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as well.

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