What is the best looking restomad you have ever seen?

We recently had a stunning Dodge Charger restored cover designed in part with its owner Ralph Giles. Gilles was the head of design at Stellantis and the man behind the car like the Chrysler 300C and the updated Viper. It made us think. What’s the best looking restomer you’ve ever seen?

Often, restomados are attached to a charger-like muscle vehicle. Gilles’ Hellucination is certainly worth mentioning but it’s not all real. The Ring Brothers have built similar vehicles, and not too long ago we covered Kevin Hart’s 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner. Of course, not all restored muscle cars.

Legacy trucks make the Burley Dodge Power Wagon Ristomod, one of the most capable on the planet. In addition to a diesel engine with 350 hp (261 kW), it has an updated chassis, suspension, braking components and more. Icons will make you stunning classic vehicles like the Bronco or Ranger with modern running gear.

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Remember, restocking is not just an American hobby. The Cyan Racing Volvo P1800 is finally coming to the state with a price tag of $ 700,000. It’s definitely beautiful and thanks to Cyan, it’s very fast.

Nowadays there is no shortage of restored power in Porsche. Evomax, Strosek, or Theon Design will all make you a custom 911. The singer has almost graduated from Restomed Creator to something above and has even partnered with Porsche himself.

Japanese products are not off the table. Prodrive recently announced a project that will see an updated restored tribute to the sacred Subaru Impreza WRX Rally car that marks the brand’s long-term success at the WRC.

But keep one thing in mind. The car we are looking for does not have to have mainstream recognition. Perhaps you have found a restomad that is hidden in your town or you have seen something really special at a local car show or car and coffee and you want to give the owner some recognition. So, what is the best restomad you have ever seen? Let us know in the comments below!

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