What is the second most beautiful mid-engine supercar after Lamborghini?

The Lamborghini Miura is widely regarded as the most gorgeous mid-engine supercar of all time, with a beautiful Marcelo Gandini-designed body and a beautiful V12 to please the ears.

In fact, if you didn’t know exactly what it was, you probably wouldn’t know where the car’s engine was sitting because its proportions were so perfect. Clearly, we wisely know that the Miura is the first road-going supercar to feature a transversely mounted engine, but the perfect Barton lines are so tight that you can be forgiven for driving it with a Flat-12. A V12.

So if Miura is the absolute perfection, then who comes second? Many automakers have built their own mid-engine supercars, and even Ferrari has surrendered to a mid-engine layout when the industry has decided it is best for weight distribution and handling.

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Since the Miura was unveiled more than 50 years ago, almost every brand has tried to make its mark in the world of supercars with its wild and attractive designs that match the functionality of the powerful engines placed just behind the occupants’ heads.

Over the decades, there have been many trends in determining what a beautiful supercar should look like. In the 1970’s, it was wedge-shaped with vehicles such as the Countach, Ditomaso Pantera and BMW M1.

In the 1980’s, things were going wild with flames, wings and vents that made cars look like they could actually fly in outer space. The same Countach will again be transformed into the bedroom poster car that we all know and cherish.

Probably the most beautiful era since the 1960’s was the 1990’s, when large, sleek body panels were dropped on extremely light space frames. Brands like Jaguar are coming to terms with the XJ220, and Bugatti will release the EB110.

Everyone has their own unique beauty, but they probably won’t be able to surpass Miura. So, what do you think is the second most beautiful mid-engine supercar?

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