What is the wild DIY fix you found in a newly purchased used car?

Every time one of us buys a used car we turn the dice one way or the other. No matter how much research you do or how well the car is maintained, sometimes things break down unexpectedly. At other times, a pre-purchase inspection revealed huge problems with nails in a MINI Cooper’s fuse box that a friend of mine had recently experienced.

With that ‘fix’ in mind, we’re wondering what the wild mode, hack, fix or buzz key you’ve found in a newly acquired used car.

After working in an auto shop for a few years of my life, I can be sure that a lot of people try to solve automotive problems with automotive products. The viral photos you see of chicken wire, duct tape, and other means of extraction are completely normal to find in any store within a year. I’ve even seen people try to hold tires together with tape.

Although other buzzers are unlikely to end up with parts lying on the ground. When I bought my own Subaru WRX I had a nalgin water bottle fitted as an overflow tank. Door pulling or tampering with seat-back recliners could be another example. But such amendments are not necessarily a security concern. We feel that many of you have found worse things.

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If you look around the web you will find many people who have made changes that are terrible but obvious. We are thinking of window air conditioning units or cardboard body kits in car windows. These are really scary modes but they are not a secret. We’re looking for modes that make you wonder what he thinks he’s done

Let’s also make it clear that we’re not omitting great corrections that actually work well. Maybe you know of a car that can only be saved if it is modified in a somewhat unconventional way. This kind of thing can be absolutely worthy and even the best example. So you tell us in the comments below.

What is the wild fix, hack or similar DIY repair you found in a newly acquired used car? Is it you want to return it immediately? How did you handle it?

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