What is this nail in the Mini Cooper fusebox doing?

When you purchase a used car and find a strange problem, it is not uncommon for it to be thrown to your local mechanic to fix the problem. Sadly for one of my friends, that task suddenly stopped when a nail in the store (yes, that kind of hammer) was wrapped around a wire driven in the fuse box and thrown into the abyss of the dashboard.

The car in question is a convertible 2006 Mini Cooper with a non-turbo four-cylinder engine. My friend bought it last month and took a recommendation to give it to the good guys at One Way Automotive in North Little Rock, AR. The mission was to complete an oil change and give the car a simple check over.

What the store initially found was that it looked like the convertible top wasn’t working consistently and there could be some water loss in the history of this car. Then, in the process of trying to sniff out the problem with the convertible top, this weird nail situation was found. The one-way automotive store manager told Carscopes that he had never seen anything like it.

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At this point, the store is a little gunshy to keep digging. As mentioned in the previous post, I have a fair share of BMW products and I know from experience that electrical problems can be a rat’s nest that doesn’t end once you start pulling strings or, in this case, wires. What One Way doesn’t want to do is spend the customer’s money and not find a real solution to the problem.

Unfortunately, the owner did not receive a pre-purchase inspection and the dealership in question, North Little Rock, AR’s Brooks Autoplex has no return policy. At the moment, they haven’t even delivered the title to the new owner. Regardless, the possibility of the worst case scenario turned my wheel on my friend.

While it is admirable that a solution is only an hour or two away, it is possible that much more time will be spent trying to figure out the condition of the nail and the changeable top. It says nothing about other issues that may pop up during the investigation.

Of course, it is possible that the above problem and the nail are not related but it can be difficult to find out without a thorough examination.

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