Who wants to buy this Ferrari F310B F1 which was driven by Eddie Irwin in 1997?

The Ferrari F1 F310B, driven by Eddie Irwin during the 1997 Spanish Grand Prix, may not be the proof of a race-winning Ferrari powered by Michael Schumacher, but it has hit the market and is still highly sought after.

Ferrari built a total of nine F310B chassis throughout the 1997 season. Of these, three were used exclusively by Schumacher, two were used only by Arvin and were shared by two other drivers. An example for sale is the Chassis 176 which was only used by Irwin during the Spanish Grand Prix and was not raced again.

The Northern Ireland racer qualified 11th, and during the race, he had severe blisters all over his car tires. His problems were compounded by a 10-second stop-go penalty for ignoring the blue flag and he finally finished the race in 12th place, well behind Schumacher who was in fourth place.

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Towards the end of the season, Ferrari kept the car in its collection before it was sold to Michael Gable of Germany in 1998. The car was then bought by another German collector who kept it on a static display for 22 years.

The RM Sotheby’s The list reveals that the car has traveled less than 200 miles (320 km) in its lifetime and retains the original sable seat belt and Goodyear slick tires. It is equipped with the original V10 engine combined with a seven-speed sequential semi-automatic transmission with a paddle shifter. The main mechanical parts need to be restarted before the car can be run again.

While there may be excuses in the market for this type of race car to keep it locked in storage, it would also be suitable for a Ferrari F1 course client program where it can be taken on track.

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