Wiesmann Considers Electric Luxurious SUVs And More Affordable Sportscars

Wiesmann recently returned from the dead with the brand new project Thunderball EV Roadstar but the revived brand apparently has plans to further expand its model range. More specifically, Wisman CEO Rohan Berry has admitted that they are looking for a successor to the MF3 Sportscar as well as a fully electric SUV that could be ICE or EV.

Weizmann told CEO Autocar that they are closely monitoring the SUV market: “I think there are several SUVs coming. We will see where the market is, if there is demand and we want to go there. “

A Wiesmann SUV will target rivals like the Lotus Eletre and other upcoming high-riding EVs from luxury automakers. It will focus on the US and Chinese markets where the demand for this type of car continues to grow.

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The new EV-dedicated platform under Wiesmann Project Thunderball is built with the help of Roding, which brings 300kW DC fast charging power as well as a lot of power and range. This architecture could serve as the foundation for other future models of Wiesmann, Rohin Berry added: We are not in a hurry, but if we have enough customers and demand, it will not be a difficult transition for us to do. ”

In addition to the electric SUV, Wiesmann is actively looking at the second generation of the MF3 sportscar. The Wiesmann Range entry point could get a “much more affordable version” in the future, making it accessible to a wider audience. The firm has not yet decided whether the new MF3 will use an electric powertrain or a combustion engine supplied by BMW, depending on emissions regulations. Still, no word on the MF6 Sportscar that was set to use a BMW M5 powertrain or V8-powered Project Gecko

The German brand is emerging from its turbulent past in hopes of increasing production and sales. Electrification brings new possibilities in terms of model range expansion Rohen Berry said that the development of EVs is less than that of ICE-powered vehicles which allows them to “drive more cars at a much faster rate”.

Although Wiesmann wants to increase production, they do not want to build “thousands of cars” in the hope of retaining its luxurious location and “community feel”. As the CEO puts it, “It’s not about going and making huge profits. It’s about reviving the brand and keeping it going forever.”

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