Winfast is testing a rather strange-looking VF9 in Europe

Winfast is spying for the first time in Europe to test a modified version of VF9.

This prototype is quite intriguing. For starters, it has the same overall shape as VinFast’s flagship VF 9 SUV, and seems to be fairly similar in size. Things like the Glasshouse seem to be similar to the VF 9, but there are some interesting differences with this camouflage test car.

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In general, the VF9 has relatively simple headlights, somewhat like a squashed triangle. This is not the case with this tester because it has the same split headlight design as the smaller VF8. The front bumper appears to have been taken from VF 8 instead of VF 9.

Things continue to run across the rear fascia of the SUV where the standard taillights of the VF 9 have been completely removed and replaced with a pair of smaller prototype units. The bumper and skid plates also appear to be different from the standard model and taken from the smaller VF8.

While you might think that VinFast could tweak the design of the VF 9 to better suit European tastes, our spy photographers claim that this prototype is being used to test a chassis instead of a model like the VF 9.

The spy photos came just weeks after WinFest announced pricing details for VF 8 and VF 9 in France, Germany and the Netherlands. Both models can be ordered with an 82 kWh battery or an 87.7 kWh battery.

In France, entry-level VF 9 Eco starts at 58,700 ($ 62,945) for small batteries and € 59,150 ($ 63,427) for large batteries whereas flagship VF 9 Plus starts at 63,650 ($ 68,2523y for ব্যা 68,253). And .7 64,100 ($ 68,735) for the 87.7 kWh option. VF9 customers will also have to pay a € 150 ($ 158) monthly subscription fee for the battery.

Photo credit: S. Baldauff / SB-Median for Carscopes

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