With just 32,000 miles on it, this 1990 Audi Quattro could set a 20V record

Interest in classic Odyssey, especially those associated with motorsport, is growing. And a new Audi Quattro 20V from the UK that is set to cross the auction block in June could set a record.

The car was first ordered in 1990 by a customer who specifically wanted it and the dealer got it directly from Audi. It was a management car with 4,231 miles (6,809 km) when it was delivered to its first external owner and is believed to be one of the last instances of leaving the factory.

Nevertheless, the owner chose not to run it too much. Today, 32 years later, it has traveled a total of 32,000 miles (51,499 km) and has a very complete record of its history. Each MOT inspection is recorded and ensures accurate mileage of each vehicle. It comes with a 1990 price list and an Audi branded dust cover for car garage. The vendors also included a 1987 paper map and a cassette tape that could be used on the original BluePunket radio.

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“We had fun when the car came up with historically relevant memorabilia, but it also shows how valuable the car was,” said Gary Dunn, sales manager at Classic Car Auctions (CCA), which manages the sales. “There is also a Quattro collection brochure and a Moments booklet, issued in 2005 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original Quattro. It’s probably the most real Quattro Turbo available today. “

Also, the Audi Quattro assembly has a historical connection with the automaker’s huge success and has a common taste for these cars, which makes classic car auctions believe it could break a record.

“The prices of these cars continue to rise and when such a car comes on the market, we are all very excited because it shows that there are cars that have been cherished for the rest of their lives,” Dunn said. “We’ve sold a number of outstanding Audi Quattros in recent years, setting a world record in 2021. This car is well positioned to achieve similar results.”

And if that’s not enough to convince you, Wheeler dealer star Mike Brewer will work with CCA to help promote the car.

“I’m delighted to be able to work with CCA to provide a preview of the auction, selecting some of the cars on offer for their upcoming sale,” said Brewer. “We will be filming some lots until the day of the auction and the final preview will be published on Mike Brewer Motoring and our social media channels.”

The Classic Car Auction Summer Sale will be held on June 18, with viewing days for Thursdays and Fridays leading to Saturday sales.

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