Would you pay more than $ 21,000 for this rather crispy 1968 Fiat Dino Spider?

The Fiat Dino was the second half of the story of the Dino V6 engine, and to many it was one of the most beautiful vehicles designed by Pininfarina.

Dino was built as a partnership between two Italian giants, Fiat and Ferrari. Ferrari wanted to launch a small sports car with a V6 engine and tapped Fiat to build the engine for them. In exchange for the engine, Fiat’s contract allows it to build a front-engine sports car with a powerplant as Ferrari’s mid-engine Dino 206 cousin.

The engine itself is a 65-degree V6, initially displacing the 2.0-liter. The development of Grand Prix Racing meant that the powerplant was race-proven that it was reliable, and produced a healthy 160 horsepower and 120 pound-feet of torque. Since 1969, the sports car has been offered with the 2.4-liter version of the V6, the same unit available on the 246 Dino and Lancia Stratos.

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This particular 1968 Dino was removed from the road in 1977, apparently on fire at some point in his life. Unfortunately, the fire seems to have caused a lot of damage to most of the exterior, as well as the interior. The windshield is also not present, as it is probably broken due to heat.

Born in 1968, it is one of only 4833 Fiat Dino Spiders featuring a 2.0-liter engine, making it rarer than later models with larger engines. With 67,678 miles (108,917 km) on the odometer, the car was up for auction at Hysterix and sold for 16,800 (21,129 USD).

According to a Dino expert who evaluated the car, it has not been worked on before, making it a good starting point for a recovery. The sale also included a number of retail items, most importantly a rare factory removable hardtop.

They have a lot of work in front of the new owner if they want to bring it back to showroom status, but in the end, they have a valuable sports car that looks (and sounds like) running it!

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Photo courtesy Historic Auctioneer

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