Would you prefer a BMW M4 shooting brake over a M3 Turing?

BMW’s M Division is showing no signs of celebrating its 50th anniversary and has already launched various limited-edition models, most notably the M4 CSL and soon the M3 Turing. We would like to see the launch of a touring / shooting break version of BMW’s M4, which shows these rendering.

This dazzling model was conceived by Sugar Design and transformed the M4 into a model that could be more practical and still retain the same smooth design as the coupe we are all familiar with.

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Seen from the front, the M4 touring / shooting brake looks a lot like a coupe, meaning it takes on the familiar front grille, aggressive shaped hood, and pronounced black air. The obvious design changes start when the roof line is stretched and the rear windows are enlarged.

To make the car look as smooth as possible, Sugar Design has removed the B-column, leaving the car with nothing but a smooth A-column that has become a thick C-pillar. The C-Pillar also has a small BMW M 50th anniversary badge.

Completing the transition from coupe to shooting brake is a newly designed rear window, a fine roof-mounted leap spoiler and a modified tailgate.

Considering how long it took BMW to finally bite the bullet and launch a touring version of the M3 sedan, a variant of the M4 is unlikely to ever hit the market. As embarrassing as it is, we wouldn’t let a particularly skilled coach builder make it into a car like this.


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