Would you rather get this low mileage 2004 Acura NSX-T or a new one?

A low mileage 2004 Acura NSX-T is on sale for the second time in less than a year in the Bring A trailer. It is going to change hands again until its recent sale after being the car of one owner. Considering how much it cost then, we think it could be an amazing way to spend six figures.

The NSX-T in question is one of only 197 units sold here in the United States for the 2004 model year. To take its rarity further, only 23 of these cars have the stunning silverstone metallic paint seen here. Inside, the new owner will find a silver leather interior and, most importantly, a six-speed manual transmission.

With just 22,000 miles on the new odometer, this NSX-T is guaranteed a long life ahead. Beneath the rear declider is a 3.2-liter VTEC V6 that produces a claimed 290 hp and 224 lb-ft torque with a redline of 8,000 rpm. It’s not much by today’s standards but it certainly doesn’t detract from the genealogy of this car.

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Since the car was delivered last year, the most recent owner has done a lot of work on it. The steering rack was rebuilt and the rear bumper was refurbished in an attempt to fix the imperfections. Even the smallest details have been taken care of. Seat ballstars were repainted and capacitors for sound systems and amplifiers were also replaced. The only aftermarket part of the car is a free-flowing meal. While we don’t know how much this repair cost, we do know that when the car went on sale in 2021, it went up to $ 145,000.

At the time of writing, it is sitting at $ 110,000 and has two days left. We wouldn’t be surprised to see it above $ 150,000. From nose to tail, this is one of the best surviving examples of NSX-T we’ve seen recently.

In a world where multiple cars can rocket from 0-60 in 2 seconds and SUVs can lap N āĻ¨rburging in less than eight minutes, sometimes direct speed is not the most important thing. This is not the Acura NSX technical Tour de Force that is modern, but it is probably part of its attraction. Switching from one gear to another in full throttle while enjoying NSX’s outstanding balance is something special and in this example you can feel it every day.

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