You can drive the 2023 Nissan Z this month … in the Rocket League

Psyonix and Nissan announced today that from May 26 to June 7, Rocket League players will be able to purchase the new, 2023 Nissan Z as an in-game car.

As part of the bundle, players who purchase the car will receive a Nissan Z Performance, a trusted representation of real-life performance trim, wheels, engine audio, a Nissan Z-themed player banner and a Nissan X-Phase Clan decal.

All in all, the Item Shop player’s package will cost 1,100 credits and is part of Nissan’s broader gaming strategy. Like other automakers before this, the Japanese automaker will be sponsoring a variety of Rocket League sports events in addition to licensing its vehicles in the game.

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Among the events sponsored by the brand, the upcoming Rocket League Championship Series will be a North American regional event, dubbed the “Nissan Classic” and will run from May 27-29.

May 26, meanwhile, will be a Nissan Crew Battles livestream event starting at 10 a.m. PDT on Twitch. The event will have a prize pool of $ 25,000 and the broadcast will pit three professional teams against each other in a cascading 3v3, 2v2, 1v1 format known as the Crew Battle. The fight will be hosted by First Touch host Roll Diz and DeGerin and Johnnyboy.

The original Nissan Z will arrive at dealer showrooms this summer with a starting price of $ 39,990. The Nissan Z Performance, similar to the one featured in the game, starts at $ 49,990. Either way, you’ll find a choice of a six-speed manual or nine-speed automatic transmission, both powered by a 3.0-liter V6 that produces 400 hp (298 kW / 405 PS).

“We’re excited for Rocket League enthusiasts to experience the thrill of the new Nissan Z,” said Alison Witherspoon, Vice President Nissan US. Keep looking for ways. “

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