You can own and drive a Porsche 911 “Safari” on the Ken Block in the street

The February 2022 East Africa Safari Classic Rally, powered by the Porsche 911 SC ‘Safari’ Ken Block, has hit the market.

Shortly after the block split from Ford, he decided that one of the cars he really wanted to race was a 911. He turned to Toothill Porsche to create the perfect 911 and they did just that, creating a car specifically for the event.

This racer started life as an original 911 SC but before many reinforcement measures were taken it was snatched near the shell and exploded into the blank metal. Tuthill Porsche spends about 350 hours strengthening the car, including double-skin plating and fitted mounted mounts for dampers. The 911 SC features 205/65 Dunlop Direzza 86RW rally tire-wrapped 15-inch braided alloy wheels with full underbody protection and sports two safari ru bars.

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Much like the exterior, the cabin has undergone a lot of refinement. It includes a welding-in roll cage, a bespoke wiring loom, racing harness, plumbed-in and handheld fire extinguishers, a heated windshield and a number of tools on the door cards, including a wheel nut gun.

The Toothill Porsche retains the car’s original 3.0-liter naturally aspirated flat-six but has been rebuilt and installed a rally-spec camshaft. It pumps about 280 hp and the engine works alongside a bespoke gearbox with a plate type limited-slip differential. For suspension, it features EXE-TC five-way adjustable damper and rear arm reinforcement.

The block ran the 911 SC Safari with co-driver Alex Gelsomino from February 10 to 18. The car is listed for sale Cars are being collected In the same condition it has finished the assembly, meaning some body panels have been damaged and can do so with thorough cleaning. Added to the list is that the car is road valid in the UK.

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