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QOTD: Who do you think is the biggest threat to Tesla?

There is no doubt that Tesla stole a march on traditional automakers while occupying the electric car market. But the legacy auto industry didn’t take long to play catch-up, and many CEOs aim to make the American newcomer the best in the next few years. So, who do you see as the biggest threat to the dominance of Tesla electric cars?

Jagato’s month-powered Mostro Barchetta has made its debut seven years after the coupe

Just seven years after Jagato showed us the Mustro, a limited-edition month-driven coupe, Design House has decided to add a sibling to the family. The Maserati-powered Mostro Barchetta Zagato is an open-top spin of the previous model, and arguably looks better than the fixed-head. Like the original, it will only be offered in five units, lucky owners will now be able to choose two powerplants: a naturally ambitious 4.2-liter V8 producing 414 hp (309 kW / 420 PS), or the new biturbo 3.0-liter V6 outputting 621 hp ( 463 kW / 630 PS), both from Maserati.

Powered by: 2022 BMW i4 eDrive40 looks serious about Carmaker EV

While the i4 is by no means BMW’s first battery-electric vehicle, the sedan has much more mass appeal than the i3’s toe-in-the-water effort. It is based around the ICE 4-Series Gran Coupe, but it is not isolated from the overall package. It comes with decent charging time and range and handles as you would expect from a BMW. We even enjoyed the artificial sound from BMW’s IconicSounds system created by Hans Zimmer. Read our full review to know what else we liked and disliked.

2024 Ford Mustang: From the look to the power of the next pony car we know

The seventh-generation Ford Mustang is set to be unveiled to the world soon, and to give you an idea of ​​what to expect, we’ve put together some exclusive independent images with what we know about the new Pony Car. The proportions remain the same, but the sharp styling is reworked to include more retro vibes. Inside, the new Mustang will align the original physical buttons with a dual-cowl dashboard and driver-side angles for a more conventional, more driver-oriented setup. And, under the hood, there will be V8 – for now. But don’t be surprised to see some electric versions of the future 2.3-liter EcoBoost Inline-Four.

Olympian Motors O1 aims to blend new school EV-Tech with old-school styling

Olympian Motors O1 is adopting a very different approach to the concept of future-forward electric vehicles: they are adopting more retro styles, including flowing wheel arches and wire-style wheels. Part of their mission was to simplify the cabin as well, removing 80 percent of the buttons and switches you would normally find. It won’t come cheap: the O1 is priced at $ 100,000, and Olympians are already taking a 500 deposit – but as far as we can tell, they have no planned production date.

Mercedes-Maybach SL: Here’s what to expect from the flagship Roadstar

Earlier this month, Mercedes announced that they would be expanding their range of top-flight luxury models, with the new SL getting a Maybatch makeover. Directed by the official teaser, we’ve created a hypothetical rendering that we hopefully illustrates what a Mercedes-Mbach SL would look like. Although the body panels will carry most of them, the Mercedes-Mebach SL will be easy to distinguish from the lower models with a new grille, chrome lashings and a new set of rims.

And what news making

Sergio Perez wins the Monaco Grand Prix



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Although not usually the most exciting race on the calendar, this year’s Monaco Grand Prix has featured some drama courtesy of an unexpected rain shower before the start of the race. Despite qualifying at the pole, home favorite Charles Leclerc had to stay in fourth place, as a foolish tactic gave any hope of a win. Red Bull’s Sergio Perez was able to win from Ferrari’s Carlos Senz, with Max Verstappen in the top three.

Marcus Erickson wins The Indie 500


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Although Charles Leclerc did not win the Monaco Grand Prix, his 2018 Saba teammate, Marcus Erickson, was able to taste victory in the Indy 500. Swedish driver Hom McLaren led Pato O’Word, who wore a short shot of success. A late red flag was taken out with just two laps.

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